The modern consumers go crazy for snacks that match healthy eating trends. That is why our RiceUP! chips are an absolutely favorite in its category.

The reason is the innovative technology and 100% natural ingredients which we use: gluten free, Non-GMO free, Non-preservatives, Non-glutamate and most important Non-Fried, but POPPED. The way every piece of chips is made for wholegrain brown rice is guaranteeing all natural. Brown rice has been proven to be one of the healthiest grains rich in fibre, selenium, group B vitamins, with no gluten.

Our innovative technology uses the shortest way of transforming from the pure raw material to the final product while preserving its healthy benefits. Additionally, we add only extra virgin which don’t go through a heat treatment.

What we leave to our consumers are to enjoy the incredibly delicious and crunchy RiceUP! rice chips, choosing from the variety of flavors.

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