RICE UP!, one of the most renowned brands, has strengthened its market leadership positions in the Healthy Snacks category by offering a traditional snacks alternative. The manufacturer NUHEALTH S.A. follows the world trends of “free-from” products and uses 100% natural ingredients, which are gluten-free, GMO-free, and preservative-free. The RiceUP! chips innovation makes it unique worldwide – the product is made of brown wholegrain rice through a unique technology that allows preserving rice grains health benefits to the greatest extent.

RiceUP! is the leading brand of NUHEALTH – a company established in 2016 by professionals with 25 years of experience in the food industry, driven by a passion for creating products that are healthy, functional, and meet modern lifestyle needs. The company’s mission is to make healthy diets easy and delicious. All products of the brand are developed and created at NUHEALTH’s innovative R&D center. In just 5 years, the RiceUP! portfolio has expanded extremely dynamically with 55 successful SKUs (stock-keeping units), which are all innovative and following the world’s healthy diets trends. NUHEALTH S.A. markets gluten-free products made of brown wholegrain rice: rice cakes, rice cakes with chocolate, rice chips, rice rolls, rice rolls with chocolate, and chocolate bars. The latest product launched on the market – RiceUP! chocolate bars made of brown wholegrain rice offered in six different flavors – has claimed a leading position in the functional foods category.

As a manufacturer, NUHEALTH has the highest IFS international food safety certificate (98% compliance with the standard requirements), an organic products production certificate, and Halal and Kosher certificates.