About Us

Being a game-changer in the healthy snacks industry is no small feat, because our mission is not just offering snacks but is contributing to a shift in the way people perceive and consume snacks.

Nuhealth JSC. – Game changer in the healthy snacks industry

Nuhealth JSC. is a mission-driven company, committed to inspire and cultivate smart and better snacking habits, because we believe that when we eat well, we feel well and we live better

Company Introduction

With 28 years of excellence in the food industry, Nuhealth JSC stands as a paragon of innovation and quality. We’ve consistently pushed the boundaries, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to create products that redefine healthy eating. Our journey is marked by a passion for pioneering solutions in the snack sector.

Commitment to Health and Taste

At the core of Nuhealth JSC is a fundamental belief: healthy snacks should not just nourish but also delight. We’ve challenged the notion that health and taste are mutually exclusive, crafting award-winning snacks that satisfy cravings without compromising well-being. This commitment drives us to create snacks that are not only ‘better for diet’ but also ‘fun’, blending nutritional benefits with irresistible flavours.

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Facilities

At the heart of Nuhealth JSC's operational excellence are our two cutting-edge production plants

Equipped with fully automated, highly specialized machinery, these facilities represent the pinnacle of modern snack manufacturing. With six diverse production lines, we have the flexibility and capacity to produce a wide array of snack products, each meeting our stringent quality standards. Achieving an impressive score of 98.03 points, we are IFS certified by TÜV NORD, a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence.

Our technology-driven approach allows us to efficiently produce at scale while maintaining the artisanal quality and bespoke nature of our snacks. This perfect blend of technology and craftsmanship is what sets our products apart in the market. Our commitment to innovation is not just about keeping up with industry standards but redefining them, ensuring that every product from our lines is a benchmark for quality and taste.

Diverse and Health-Oriented Product Range

Nuhealth JSC’s portfolio is a testament to our dedication to health and taste. Our range includes collagen protein bars, brown rice cakes, chips, rolls, and zero sugar rice and oats bars, yellow corn chips each crafted to be a ‘better for me’ choice without compromising on flavour.

Non-Branded Offerings and OEM Services

In addition to our flagship products under the brands RiceUp, CornUP, ZeroSugar, Nuhealth JSC also excels in providing non-branded offerings. Our value-focused private label and OEM services are tailored to meet the needs of businesses looking for high-quality, health-oriented and functional snack options under their brand. This flexibility allows our partners to benefit from our manufacturing excellence and innovation, offering their customers premium snack choices.

Nuhealth JSC complies with the highest international standards

Nuhealth JSC. is a recognized European manufacturer. Our growth reflects strong industry demand, passion for consistent product quality and excellence in research and development
IFS Food Certified

Certified by TUV Nord certifying body with an outstanding score of 98,03 point

Organic Food Certified
Kosher Certified
Halal Certified

Product Launch Timeline

We believe that delicious and healthy snacks are not mutually exclusive, and we're committed to creating products that satisfy your cravings without compromising your well-being